openKURATOR is an open submission and presentation platform developed by KURATOR. It allows for projects to be submitted in response to particular calls. All projects are stored in the repository. Selections are made by invited curators.

featured call: Open Anti-Bodies

Submission deadline: 31st Dec 2012 11:59pm

'Anti-Bodies: beyond the body ideal' explores different attitudes to the body. It contrasts the particularity of the artist’s body-concept against the ideal body-machine of the Olympic athlete, so revealing underlying idealisations of the body as they are reproduced within different everyday social contexts. Contemporary artworks and proposals that respond to the Anti-Bodies curatorial theme can be submitted and featured via this online... Read more

featured selection: After the Net

We are seeking existing online projects that address the theme of the exhibition After The Net, dealing with issues of un/openness, in/security, un/stability and systems of control. Five selected works will be displayed online as part of the exhibition and will receive a fee of 200 euros each.

The exhibition takes the documentary The Net by... Read more

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