Alarmingly These Are Not Lovesick Zombies

Jason Nelson

Project date: January 2007

Call: After the Net


Within every action/day/object/space is a zombie, a relentless/monotone force/dullness which can kill with a touch. this game/artwork lets you love/kill these everyday zombies. oh and with each level won, you are painfully exposed to my theories on what makes games so darnish compelling and so forth and on. The Zombies: catwalks zombies and the critical glances/stabs of fashion (from spiderheads) traffic zombies and the reshuffled anger of gears/wheels (slow destination or roadkill) statistical zombies and those numbers which mean more you (than you yourself) operation zombie and the need to conquer/explode/penetrate (and other war clichés) Game zombie and the pointless juncture of win, lose, win, lose (our end placement ends) home improvement zombie and your blueprint makes posters generic (and ill or sick or ill) Zoo zombie and the back and back pace of animals, foliage and bars (or zombie zoo) Weather zombie and the odd value of currency across latitudes (or I am tired of the tropics)

Format: Flash, Net Artwork

Genre: Net Art Game


Artist Bio:

Jason Nelson teaches/researches/experiments at Griffith University on the Gold Coast of Australia. He so misses the snows of the north and south. His artworks are odd mixes of playthings, poetics and absurdist explorations. And they've appeared in far more places than he has ever been. Explore his other works:

Tags: art, experimental, game, zombie


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